Report Nuisances

volumecontrolAre you awoken at night by noisy club patrons?
Disgusted by litter left behind by club patrons?
What can you do?

If you are bothered by noise from the venue or event, or trash left behind by patrons, PLEASE report it!  If you do not report your complaint, your concerns will not be heard or taken seriously.

  1. Record the sound, picture or video on your cell phone, if possible.
  2. Call the ABC (State liquor control) complaint line: 925-602-7717 with specific details. Be sure to reference the related club name and ABC number (see below)
  3. If there is no crime being committed and no immediate risk to public safety, call Oakland non emergency 510-777-3333 to report the noise nuisance. Always ASK for an incident number.
  4. If there is a risk to public safety (a fight, unsafe driving, drunk and hostile individuals) call 911 from your home phone or 510 777-3211 from your cell phone. Always ASK for an incident number.
  5. Email summary of nuisance complaint and the actions you took to the City of Oakland Special Permits office Nancy Marcus and the CIty Administrator –  Nuisance Abatement office Greg Minor  and  (so we can keep log of complaints neighborhood-wide). Include specifics such as what you saw, what club it is associated with and the incident number.

Be sure to reference the related club if you can so that the complaint can be associated with the correct venue:

  • Bella Ultra Lounge, 561 11th St, ABC #519517
  • District, 827 Washington St, ABC #515889
  • ForTheCutlure, 701 Clay St, #?
  • Liege, 489 9th Street, ABC #483091
  • Oakland Convention Center, 550 10th St, ABC # 454508
  • Easter, 722 Clay St, #?
  • Penelope Lounge, 555 12th ST #120, ABC # 471384
  • Parliament, 811 Washington, ABC #527679
  • Tamarindo, 468 8th Street, ABC# 469039
  • Trappist, 460 8th Street, ABC #448400

In the recent attempt to revoke a cabaret permit in our neighborhood, it became abundantly clear that citizens must be report ALL disturbances in order to be taken seriously. The City needs documented evidence of a pattern of problems in order to have an strong case for revocation.