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5th Annual We Love Old Oakland Community Fundraiser & Mixer

Caffe 817 & Ratto’s are co-hosting this year’s event and will donate 10% of all food & drink purchases from 5-7pm on Wed April 18, 2012. All ages welcome.

We are excited to celebrate the spirit of community with these folks who are opening the doors of their businesses for the evening.

Caffe 817’s new owners, Scott & Emily, and FOURTH generation Ratto’s owner, Elena, are welcoming everyone to come out share food & drink in our ever-changing neighborhood.

Periscope Cellars (tasting room located in Swan’s Market) will be at Ratto’s with his delicious wines to taste along with live Jazz.

Menu specials and more details TBA!

Old Oakland Neighbors (OON) is a 100% volunteer run grassroots community group founded in 2006 comprised of residents and business owners. Join us along with folks who work & play in our neighborhood for this annual fundraiser for OON.

We live here.
We work here.
We LOVE it here!

We LOVE Old Oakland Fundraiser & Mixer
Wed, April 18, 2012
5pm – 7pm
Caffe 817 & Ratto’s
817 & 827 Washington St
Oakland, CA
RSVP and invite others on Facebook:

Are you a local business and want to make a donation for our door prizes? Please email our social coordinator at oonsocialevents[at] 

Emergency Neighborhood Public Safety Meeting

Date:   Thursday January 26, 2012
Time:   7:00 pm – 8:30 pm  
Location:   Old Town Square Community Room, 555 10th St near Clay
Old Oakland Neighbors, due to an increase in crime incidents in the neighborhood, is calling an emergency meeting to discuss Public Safety issues.
1. Welcome/Intro – Ron (7-7:15)
2. Meeting Purpose/Agenda Overview/Ground Rules – Ron (7:15-7:20)
3. 2011 OON Accomplishments – Ron, Hoang, and All (7:20-7:25)
4. Safety Updates/Accomplishments: OPD Problem Solving Officer Tith All (7:25-7:35)
5. Intro to Neighborhood Watch – Robbery Prevention, whistle distribution, brainstorm next steps -Hoang (7:35-7:55)
6. Recap Next Steps: Who? What? By when? – Hoang (7:55-8:00)
7. Discussion: Other Public Safety Concerns (*Ongoing demonstrations*) – Ron All (8:00-8:20)
8. Recap Next Steps – Ron All (8:20-8:25)
9. Next Meeting Meeting Evaluation – What went well? What needed improvement? – Ron (8:25-8:30)

Old Oakland Neighbors is 5 years old – Come join us for a neighborhood social!

Old Oakland Neighbors' 5yr Anniversary Party!

Friday, December 9th
5-8 pm @ Pacific Coast Brewery (906 Washington) 

Meet Your Neighbors! Support Your Neighborhood! Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Bring yourself, your coworkers, your family, and your neighbors. Food & drinks will be available for purchase. 10% of food & drink sales donated to OON.

In the spirit of the holiday season, please consider bringing:

• New men’s socks or underwear (M-XL) to donate to CityTeam Ministries

• A new and unwrapped toy for Endgame’s toy drive

• A donation ($5 suggested) to fund OON neighborhood improvement and promotion activities in 2012

Chance to WIN a $25 Oakland Grown Gift Card (raffle entry with donation) Invite friends, family & neighbors on our Facebook event listing here

The Old Oakland Neighbors logo t-shirt is available at popuphood’s Marion & Rose’s Workshop at 461 9th street (the old Verse location). It’s an American made shirt, screen-printed in West Oakland with our logo created right here Old Oakland. Stop by and pick up a shirt for yourself or for gifts and check out the amazing items created by over 50 local artisans at this very cute shop. Many thanks to owners Kerri & Alyssa for carrying the shirts on consignment for us!

Also TONIGHT in Old Oakland

What is Old Oakland Neighbors?

Founded in 2006, Old Oakland Neighbors is a volunteer-based community group comprised of folks who live and/or work in Old Oakland. We invite area residents, businesses, and Old Oakland neighbors to join us in making Old Oakland a wonderful place to live and work. We live here. We work here. We love it here. Visit us at:

 Old Oakland

November 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
We Are OO (Old Oakland). There is no doubt we all understand the aims of the Occupy movement: a progressive tax structure, reigning in the K St/Wall St/Government hijacking, eliminating socialism for financial markets while everyone else bears the brunt of bailouts are ALL things we can AGREE on.


Likewise, we welcome the new found activism addressing these issues, which must be ongoing to effect change. Unfortunately, the encampment in Oakland has not maintained focus on the issues that initially brought it together.


We've read in the November 12 SF Chronicle that Mayor Quan brought forward several ideas regarding the campers that directly affect our neighborhood. One is soliciting for CityTeam at 7th St. and Washington to take in occupiers; the other offering historic Jefferson Square Park at 7th St. and Jefferson for an alternate site. 


We are not aware of any consultation with Old Oakland Neighbors on these points.  This is not right.  Downtown residents and small businesses have born the brunt of effects to date of the occupy movement. We are emotionally and financially drained.  Existing shelters should be inventoried to determine where the 400 occupiers can go.  Mental health services should be allocated to assist with transition for the occupiers.  If the City and County do not have the resources, then outreach to foundations, caregiver organizations, and companies should be ongoing.


There should be clear guidelines for lawful protest and activism, including clear rules for march permitting, designated open forum sites for lawful meetings, hours of operation, and rules of civil conduct.

The city should outreach to neighborhoods likely to be affected by the imminent dislocation of the plaza encampment. 


As of the morning of November 12, a tent has been set up at HistoricLafayetteSquarePark at 
10th St.
and Jefferson.  We have worked hard to renovate our parks and the rest of our neighborhood, and we need it to be respected.  We live here. We work here. We love it here. We are Old Oakland Neighbors.



Ron Wolf                                                

Chair, Old Oakland Neighbors                    
Phone: 510/999.4OAK(625)                     


More about Old Oakland Neighbors:
Founded in November 2006, Old Oakland Neighbors (OON) is a volunteer-based community group comprised of folks who live and/or work in Old Oakland. We invite area residents, businesses, and other Old Oakland neighbors to join our grassroots community group. We live here. We work here. We love it here! For more information and to become a member, visit:

History of Jefferson Square Park:
In the 1970s downtown Oakland was drastically impacted by the construction of freeways and public transit lines. With the sudden disappearance of the neighborhood in the late 1960s, this park became severely underutilized. In November 2010, Old Oakland Neighbors hosted a ribbon cutting for Oakland’s newest dog play area, basketball court and tot lot while celebrating the history and the future of this park. Read more at:
Mailing Address

P.O. Box 71644

| Oakland | California | 94612 | 510/999.4OAK |

TONIGHT Tues, 8/2/11 :: National Night Out Parties!

2011 NNO logo

 Old Oakland Neighbors (OON) is NOT sponsoring a NNO party to encourage more block parties this year (instead of one big party as we’ve had for the past 4 years).  There are so many new neighbors on every block, and NNO is a great opportunity for community building block by block.
There are 2 registered parties and we hope lots of just as fun yet not registered parties for NNO in Old Oakland:
Please feel free to email the yahoo group about your party and/or email to get your party listed here on the Old Oakland
Neighbors website,

Old Oakland Neighbors board members would also like to visit parties that night, so keep an eye out for us.


Tina Ramos,
Social Coordinator, OON  & Acting Chair, OOB

Hoang Banh
Co-chair, OON

Old Oakland Professionals Wine & Potluck Gathering


Calling all Old Oakland Professionals (OOPs) to gather together to drink some wine, share a meal and discuss the awesomeness that is being a home based business/consultant here in our neighborhood at The Common Room at Swan’s Co-Housing.

Please bring a drink preferably wine but what ever you like and dish/snack/dessert to share next Wednesday, May 25 from 5:30pm-8pm.

RSVP on Facebook here. Questions? Email

When you arrive the day of the event, please go to the inner courtyard and call/text 510/839.8462 to get buzzed in, do not use the intercom.

Old Oakland Professionals is a sub-group of Old Oakland Neighbors, a grass roots community group. 

Swan’s Co-Housing Common Room
930 Clay Street
Old Oakland 
Wednesday, May 25 · 5:30pm  8:00pm

4th Annual We LOVE Old Oakland Mixer at 11th & Clay on Wed 3/30!


Come out to mix & mingle with our Old Oakland community!

Penelope & It’s Grind are hosting this year’s event on 11th & Clay.

Penelope will donate 10% of all food & drink purchases from 5-8pm on Wed March 30, 2011. Did you know that Penelope has yummy sandwiches and other tasty nibbles in addition to fabulous beverages, cocktails & beer? (menu below)

It’s a Grind Coffee  next door will also have $2 chicken tacos from La Borinquena & an Old Oakland Drink special (TBA) and will also donate 10% from those sales from 6-10pm that evening as well! Listen to LIVE music including Latin Jazz by The Sandor Merlin Moss Y Su Mechanica.

All ages welcome at both venues!

Come out for dinner & drinks while socializing with the awesome people that live and/or work or just love it here in Old Oakland! 

Old Oakland Neighbors (OON) is a grassroots community group founded in 2006 comprised of residents and business owners. Join us along with folks who work & play in our neighborhood for this annual fundraiser for OON.

We live here.
We work here.
We LOVE it here!

We LOVE Old Oakland Mixer

Wed, March 30, 2011
5pm – 10pm
Penelope & It’s a Grind Coffee

Corner 11th & Clay Streets

Oakland, CA

RSVP and invite others on Facebook:

:: Penelope Menu ::


Steak Sandwich
Tri-tip steak, tomatoes, and mixed greens with vinaigrette 8

Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Cucumber, Laura Chenel goat cheese & basil 9

Grilled Cheese and tomato Panini and a cup of house-made tomato soup 10

Chorizo and Apple Sandwich
Fra’Mani spicy chorizo, shaved apples & picked onions 8


Fra/mani Cured meats and Cheese Plate 10

Smoked Salmon Toasts with pickled shallots, creme fraiche & chives 7

Cup of tomato soup 5

Mixed Greens and Herbs Salad with Sheery Vinaigrette 5