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TONIGHT Tues, 8/2/11 :: National Night Out Parties!

2011 NNO logo

 Old Oakland Neighbors (OON) is NOT sponsoring a NNO party to encourage more block parties this year (instead of one big party as we’ve had for the past 4 years).  There are so many new neighbors on every block, and NNO is a great opportunity for community building block by block.
There are 2 registered parties and we hope lots of just as fun yet not registered parties for NNO in Old Oakland:
Please feel free to email the yahoo group about your party and/or email to get your party listed here on the Old Oakland
Neighbors website,

Old Oakland Neighbors board members would also like to visit parties that night, so keep an eye out for us.


Tina Ramos,
Social Coordinator, OON  & Acting Chair, OOB

Hoang Banh
Co-chair, OON