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Thank you to everyone who wrote letters, signed a petition and/or spoke during the hearings.  Please support Old Oakland Neighbors’ request to permanently revoke Bella Ultra Lounge’s cabaret permit.

PUBLIC HEARING to close down Bella Ultra Lounge (City Hall)
Write A Letter  – Come to the Hearing  – Speak Out


oakland_shooting_Did you know there have been at least 13 gun related incidents in the past 18 months? See incident and timeline map at bottom of this page.  These incidents include:

  • Multiple shots fired by club patrons
  • 2 fatal shootings (at 11th and Clay and 9th and Clay)
  • 2 stray bullets into 2nd floor office buildings and 2 residential units on the 3rd and 4th floor

Help end the violence in Old Oakland by asking City Administrator’s office to close down Bella Ultra Lounge (upstairs at 10th and Clay).  The City has only temporarily suspended their cabaret license because of the recent October 1 shooting death of a club patron (KTVU and Contra Costa Times) by another patron and the fighting in the streets in the 90 minutes that led up to the shooting.  A final decision will be made based on the City Attorney’s presentation, evidence presented by OPD and resident testimonies at the public hearing.
The Hearing Officer has the power to revoke the cabaret permit if there is a finding that:

  • The operation of the cabaret creates a public nuisance
  • The operation of the business has adversely affected police calls for service in the immediate area
  • The operation of the business creates a risk to public safety

Old Oakland Neighbors is seeking your help to put an end to the lawless, dangerous and chaotic situation that occurs from the spill-in and out of the Bella Ultra whenever it is open.  The chaos has reached the point where the situation has imperiled the health and safety of our families and neighbors. It is also severely impacting our quality of life and ability to get a good night PastedGraphic-16sleep.

As you know, patrons have been seen and heard fighting, loitering drinking and breaking bottles all over our neighborhood, urinating, vomiting,  leaving trash and nightclub postcards all over the street and screaming and yelling well past 2am.  The police have been called out multiple times and the club is taking up important resources of the OPD, paid by the taxpayers. But we need your help to share your experience with the city.

We are urgently seeking your help to close down or fix this situation for good. Here’s how to get involved:

1. Write a letter to Greg Minor, assistant to the City Manager and ask him to revoke it’s cabaret license.  (See sample letter)

• Email to: Greg Minor; Officer Jennifer Sena and Eli Ferran
• CC: (our Old Oakland task force)

If you cannot write an email, mail your letter to:

Assistant to the City Administrator
Nuisance Abatement/Special Activity Permits Division
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 11th Floor
Oakland CA 946012

Please take a few moments to detail what it’s like living in the same neighborhood as Bella Ultra Lounge.  What have you seen and heard and how that affected you?  How does this compare to the nights when Bella is closed?  Please try to send your letter before Friday October 10th.timeforaction

2. Show your support. Attend the hearing on October 17th at 10AM so that the Hearing Officer understands that the neighborhood unanimously supports the revocation of the permit. If you do not want to speak, please bring a written statement to share with the hearing officer.

3. Speak out and share your story at the public hearing.   Describe your experience and concerns and explain how the bar has affected your life.   Bring a copy of your testimony to share with the hearing officer. We have been told by the City Attorney’s office that personal testimonies describing experiences directly related to Bella Ultra Lounge from neighboring residents are the most convincing evidence we can present to the officer.

If you cannot commit to any of these requests, please email to learn about other ways you can get involved and support our efforts. For future security notices and neighborhood news, sign up for our yahoo group at: WWW.OLDOAKLANDNEIGHBORS.ORG

And… inspired by other successful initiatives, we have started a page. IN ADDITION to your letters and emails, PLEASE show up for the hearing at City Hall on Friday October 17 at 10AM.  Speaking is optional, your presence WILL HELP A LOT!  We want Room 2 to be filled with allies.

Concerned Neighbors

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