Welcome to Old Oakland Neighbors Radionet!

Radionet is for people who want to become adept at and comfortable with walkie-talkies should there be a community-wide emergency and there is a power outage. The objective of Radionet is simply to transmit and receive communication using FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies while practicing the language of radio etiquette and, even more importantly, to practice listening. Thirty minutes is the maximum time for the exercise. Hosts to the exercises are volunteers who have current CORE certification and who want to practice radio usage under the guidance of Citizens of Oakland Respond toEmergencies. As amateur hosts with jobs, we may sporadically announce an exercise or announce exercises two days in a row, but always between 3 to 7 days in advance via the yahoogroup listserv. We like spontaneity. Should you desire to become a host in the future, please become CORE certified AND participate in the citywide exercise held every April in Old Oakland. But anyone living or working in Old Oakland can participate in Radionet if you already have walkie-talkies and find the exercise times convenient. Become a part of our radio network and help promote its purpose by participating.

The inaugural Radionet exercise was held on Saturday, June 29th, at 9AM.  Set your radios to channel 12 and privacy code 0 before that time.

If you wish more information about Radionet and radios, please email our coordinator at radionet @  To learn more and to register for CORE training visit for classes.